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What we are

What is the essence of KAN?

In short we are a multi-gaming clan without the competition part and the strict hierarchy that many other clans have.

We only play for fun, and why shouldn’t we?

We are multi-cultural, multi-genders and come in all ages – that adds to the flavour.

Regardless of age we are very mature with manners and treat every fellow gamer with respect.

Our trademark - FUN because we KAN™

Does this sound like something you could relate to?

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The birth of KAN - 10th of October 2006

In late 2006, The Beast {KAN} and some other players were becoming increasingly frustrated by players who did not ready up, killed their teammates, camped, and were generally unpleasant.

Therefore, during the heat of battle they formed a fellowship to fight back against this growing threat. The fellowship soon became known as KAN, standing for Kick Ass Noobs, reflecting the players abilities to truly kick some ass.

News of this great fellowship and its ideas soon spread, attracting other players such as Sweet Little Slut {KAN} and Monochrome {KAN}, to join the ranks and eventually form the basis of the KAN clan.
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